Becoming a Dewees owner is a lifestyle decision.

Our open spaces– our private and pristine beaches, acres of marsh and maritime forest, and connected community– are our amenities. Where others may choose a country club or urban lifestyle, we choose the sounds of birdsong and the waves on the beach, clean waters and unspoiled shellfish beds, elbow room between neighbors and the ability to learn and laugh with our friends. Our fabulous community with a thriving social life is founded on a commitment to enjoying the natural environment in perpetuity. It is a gift to the future.

An Introduction to Dewees Island

Current listings

The following realtors are licensed SC brokers and have current listings on Dewees Island. They are not employed by Dewees Island POA.

Andrew Robertson, Broker
The Robertson Team
Call: 843-513-7309
Email: [email protected]
Dewees Island Current Listings
Alex Pierotti
Call: 856-360-1090