Golf Carts & Shuttles


Transportation on Dewees Island is by electric golf cart, foot, or bicycle.

To enable mobility throughout the island while preserving its natural state, motorized private transportation on Dewees Island is solely by electric vehicles.

Approved electric golf carts and cars can only be driven on roads, public beach access paths, and private driveways. Golf carts cannot be driven off-road, on the beach, dunes, narrow docks, boardwalks, or anywhere signs are posted.


Owner Golf Carts

  • All golf carts on Dewees Island must have working headlights and brakes, be labeled with the owner’s lot number and registered with the POA. Registration decals must be displayed on the windshield.

  • Golf carts must be in good working order and operated safely and cautiously.

  • Only licensed adults can drive shuttles or POA golf carts at any time.

  • The POA Board requires the completion of an indemnification document by anyone who operates a golf cart on the island to shelter member’s liability and reduce the risk of serious injuries.

  • Golf carts charge on a deep cycle battery and need 6-8 hours for a full charge. Batteries should be maintained with fresh water and have cables checked regularly.

  • Use care in puddles and soft sand when driving along the roadways.

  • To avoid your golf cart from rusting from saltwater, spray off your cart periodically with fresh water.

  • A golf cart service area is located at Public Works with an air compressor for filling tires.

Golf Cart Parking

  • Emergency Vehicles must be able to maneuver around all roads and parking areas during an emergency situation. Golf carts must not obstruct Emergency Vehicle access on the island.
  • All golf carts parked at the front Dewees Island dock can only remain there for three (3) consecutive days. After this period of time, they must be moved to an alternative spot (an owner’s home, the Landings Building, or Public Works storage area). Due to an increasing number of golf carts on the Island, and the room at the front dock is very limited.
  • If a homeowner is leaving the island for more than 3 days, they can utilize one of the shuttle carts for transportation to the ferry immediately before departure and upon return.
  • Owners of lots (unimproved property) are permitted to park their carts at the Landings Buildings for short periods of time when using the island, but no longer than two (2) weeks. If lot owners are not returning to the island within two weeks, carts must be parked at the Public Works Storage area and utilize the shuttle carts in the same manner as homeowners.
  • Golf carts using common charging areas must be moved once the golf cart is charged to allow other owners access. Please understand that once a golf cart is fully charged, it does not keep recharging. If a cart’s batteries are in good condition, a charge should hold for a month or more. For owners who are leaving golf cart unattended for an extended period of time, it is suggested that the owner call Jimmy Small (843-568-3995) or another independent contractor and make arrangements the cart to be charged prior to arrival.


There are three shuttle carts located at the ferry dock for owners to retrieve their carts from homes.

  • Shuttle carts must be returned within the hour.
  • Only adults can drive the shuttle carts.
  • Shuttle carts are not for touring the island.
  • Shuttle carts must be plugged in after each use.​


Golf Cart Specs Policy

The community speed limit is 17 mph everywhere on Dewees. Electric golf carts and electric cars will only be permitted with a maximum speed capability of 25 MPH. Any vehicle capable of going more than 25 MPH must have approval in writing by the POA Board and be outfitted with a governor that limits the top speed to 25 mph.

Renting Additional Carts

Golf carts can be rented from Dewees Island POA for $50/day (rate subject to change).
To rent a golf cart, contact the Island Administrator with a minimum of 24 hours' notice.