Barge Transportation

Planning is important when it comes to transporting items to Dewees.

Our ferries are designated as passenger ferries and will accommodate items that can safely and securely fit onto luggage carts. Arranging barge transportation is necessary to transport furniture, appliances, or large items.

Large trucks, construction equipment, and supplies will also need to be transported to Dewees Island via barge. 

Barge Day Logistics 

  • There are typically two barge runs in one day, 8:30 am – 10:00 am and 11:30 am – 2:00 pm. The barge will, however, stay as late as needed. Please keep in mind that the hourly rate increases after 3:00 pm. A barge can also be contracted on an "as-needed" basis to bring large items to and from the Island.
  •  Building materials being transported to the island must have ARB approval, and all ARB fees must be paid before transportation can be scheduled.
  • Vehicles being transported on the first run must arrive at the Dewees Island Marina between 7:45 – 8:00 am. Vehicles transported on the second run must be at the Marina around 11:00 am.
  • Dewees Island Marina: 46 41st Avenue, Isle of Palms, SC 29451
  • Once in the parking lot, vehicles will park out of the route of traffic until time to drive onto the barge.
  • Vehicles will back onto the barge on Isle of Palms and Dewees Island.
  • Once the vehicle is on the barge, the driver and crew must leave the vehicle and disembark the vessel.
  • USCG prohibits nonessential riders on the barge. The crew will ride the ferry to Dewees.
  • The ferry leaves Isle of Palms every hour on the hour and leaves from Dewees Island on the half hour. When departing Dewees, the ferry must be called (843-568-3990) 45 minutes in advance with the number of people traveling.
  • Owners or contractors must register their passengers' names in the ferry terminal in advance.
  • The crew will not have access to the vehicle while it's on the barge. Any belongings needed during passage should be removed from the vehicle (i.e., jacket, water, wallet, phone).
  • The crew may wait up to an hour for the ferry to return to pick them up. They will be in the elements while they wait. Jackets, water, gloves, and hats may be advised depending on the weather.
  • The Isle of Palms Marina is next door to the Dewees Island Marina and offers Ice, drinks, snacks, and freshly made food. Once on Dewees, there will be nowhere to purchase food or drinks.
  • Once the crew and the vehicle have arrived on Dewees, the driver will drive the vehicle off the barge.
  • Each vehicle must have a coordinator on-site to guide them to the lot.
  • The infrastructure on Dewees is very delicate. Trucks are not allowed to drive off the road for any reason. Shallow water lines and sprinklers are known to be damaged due to large trucks on barge day.
  • Drivers should not pull off on the side of the road for golf carts, bikes, or pedestrians.
  • The owner/ contractor must ensure the vehicle has access to the lot. If a vehicle cannot safely drive down a driveway, other arrangements may need to be made.
  • If POA rental equipment is needed and available, arrangements must be made ahead of time. 
  • Drivers must follow the 17-mile-per-hour speed limit on the island.
  • Once the vehicle is finished at the owner's lot, please inform your contact at the POA, and drive the vehicle back to the boat launch on Dewees, park it out of the way of traffic and wait until you are instructed to back the vehicle on.
  • Once the barge is ready, the vehicle will back up onto the barge, the driver will disembark. The driver and any crew will then ride the ferry back to the Isle of Palms.

Barge Options and Costs

Dewees Island POA outsources large barge service through Salmons Dredging about twice a month or on an as-need basis. 

Each haul item utilizing the barge is charged a portion of that run. 7-10 day advanced notice for barge scheduling is requested. Trucks canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled barge are subject to barge fees.

Salmons Dredging Tug "Angela"
Barge costs are shared between the number of consumers, space utilized, and time. 

Usable space: 26' x 90'
Ramp: 15' wide, max
Weight Capacity: 125 tons

Large Commercial Barge

One Space (approximate size of a dump truck): $900
DUC Impact/Admin fee (per space): $100
Golf Cart or Boat Trailer: $75

Small Barge "SS Manatee"

Usable deck space: 21' x 9'
Ramp: 8' wide 
Weight Capacity: 7500 lbs

Hourly Rate $200