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Our Top 10 Helpful Hints For Visiting Dewees

Here is our favorite list of Top 10 Helpful Reminders to help ensure the community has successful Holiday weekend. It is going to be busy! So, if you have any visitors or guests coming to the island, please take a moment to share this information with them. Every bit of effort helps!

1. Safety First! Public Safety Department can be reached 24/7 at 843.296.4952. If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1.

2. Call the ferry at least 10-15 minutes to the hour when leaving the Island at 843.568.3990.

3. Give yourself plenty of travel time when arriving and departing the island. Please arrive to the marina at least 10-15 minutes before boarding the ferry to Dewees. This helps the Captain decide which vessel to use depending on number of passengers/luggage.

4. Enter your guests into the ferry system TODAY! Don’t wait until it is too late!

5. Parking – Use the car stops as guides, park close to leave space for your neighbors.

6. To avoid bottlenecking in loading areas, please keep traffic moving; bear to the right when departing the loading station on the mainland; use loading carts efficiently (one cart per family),

7. For safety, please keep your dog(s) on a leash on ferry, landings, and crowded areas.

8. Use designated Trash & Recycling areas at Public Works Waste Disposal Area. For more information on proper recycling, click here.

9. Use docks efficiently when parking your boat. Homeowners vessels parked at Dewees Island docks must be clearly identified with a Dewees Island decal. 

10. Please respect our environment and wildlife; let Dewees Island be Wild. Forever.
We also have some great community events on Sunday, the 4th, and next weekend. Click here to view the full line up, or see the post below.

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