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Recycling Helps Preserve Our Environment and Wildlife

Attention all islanders! Whether you are an owner, guest of an owner, paying guest, or staff personnel, we all have one thing in common – we are passionate about Dewees Island and its unique environment and wildlife. In order to conserve the environment, it is important for us to work together and practice good conservation habits, such as recycling.

Some of you may not be aware, but if a recycling container is not properly sorted and has household garbage mixed with recyclables (see photo below), the entire dumpster is considered garbage.

Photo was taken this week. Let’s take some pride and change our habits!



To ensure that each and every recycling container is accepted by Charleston County, we have provided you with photos to remind all of us how to properly sort our recycling and waste.

You can find these helpful photos in the following areas:

1. Right Here!

2. At the recycling area near Public Works

3. On our website

4. At your home! – Early next week, each house will receive a copy of our flyer to put on the fridge or recycling area as a guideline when sorting recycling.

Again, we thank you in advance for your help to support our recycling efforts. Recycling helps preserve our environment and ultimately supports the environmental philosophy of Dewees Island! Keep Dewees Wild Forever!