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Out with the Old, In with the New; New Pool Furniture Makes a Splash at the Huyler House

We are excited to share that the pool furniture at the Huyler House has been updated! The replacement of the furniture was no easy task, and was a community effort. A special thank you goes out to the following Dewees Island members and staff for their help and dedication:

Anne Andersen and Joan Marchetti for picking out the lovely pieces from Summer Classics at a great cost. Al Kemp and his strapping ferry crew for delivering the new furniture. Terry Schwartz, Peter Cotton, and Peter’s son for unpacking and assembling the new fixtures. Thank you all!

Property owners have expressed how “refreshing” the new pieces are, and how they make the Huyler House pool a more enjoyable atmosphere.

If you have not had a chance to see the new look, grab your suit, towel, and cooler and head on over!

Pool Final



Pictured: Mr. and Mrs. Cotton’s family members soaking up the sun on Wednesday afternoon at the pool.