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It Is Sea Turtle Nesting Season!

We currently have two loggerhead nests; May 4th was CBCB and May 7th was Serendipity.  Folks are predicting it will be a big year for South Carolina.  If you would like to sign up for sea turtle patrol please click the following link  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B0B4CAAA929A02-dewees3

We also have nesting Wilson’s Plovers, a threatened shorebird nesting on the beach.  Be on the lookout near posted nesting areas as well as any open sandy area above the high tide line for a bird acting strangely; they may be trying to alert you of a nearby nest or chicks.  They nest on the ground and eggs and chicks are very cryptic.

Summer interns will begin arriving this week through the 19th, the Dewees Island POA will be hosting 2 sea turtle, 2 hospitality and 1 coyote intern in the intern house.  We are planning many educational opportunities this summer through the Environmental Program; please check the POA website and community bulletin boards for summer program information as the season draws near.