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Friendly Reminder to Mask Up on Ferries

Dear Owners,

In order to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus, we’d like to remind our community members that mandatory (not optional) facial protection is still required for all ferry passengers when riding the ferries.

    • In respect for the safety of all passengers and crew, all passengers riding the ferry are required to wear proper facial protection, no exceptions. 
    • The passenger must be wearing the face covering before boarding the ferry.
    • Facial protection is also required when riding on the top deck of the Islander.
    • If a passenger does not have proper facial protection before boarding the ferry, the ferry staff will provide one complimentary mask to an individual.
    • Any person refusing to wear facial protection will be prohibited from riding the ferry.

Thank you for your continued assistance and cooperation as we strive to keep our community safe for owners, staff, and guests. 


Catherine Weeks
Dewees Island POA