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Fishing at the Crab Dock Closed for the Season / Nesting Sea Turtles

Please know the crab dock and adjacent area is closed to hook and line fishing through labor day.  Folks can hook and line fish in all other areas of the Impoundment so long as an alligator is not present.

Crabbing and cast netting is permitted at the crab dock. But again, be mindful of the alligators.
Remember to dispose of unwanted bait fish on the outside of the impoundment.
For more information about fishing and shellfishing, click here.

We’d also like to remind all of you to be cautious on the beach during turtle nesting season. You can help by not leaving forts, sandcastles and furniture on the beach, which can impact nesting. 

Thanks, and have a good weekend!


Lori Sheridan Wilson,

Environmental Program Director & ARB Coordinator