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Dewees POA Presidents April Update

Dear Dewees Property Owners,

I would like to update you on the March 20, 2015 POA Board Meeting and the Annual Meeting held March 21.

The Board Meeting was straightforward. The need for a supplemental assessment was discussed. We will need one but we expect it to be less than the last years which was $825. It will be finalized at the May Board Meeting when we can make our best projections of our cash position for the year.

Under new business the Board discussed and approved the solicitation of bids from competing engineering companies to develop a report recommending a course of action with regard to the renovation of the Dewees Isle Of Palms Marina docks which shall include a construction timeline and estimated costs.Under old business we discussed the Landings Dock renovation. This work is complete and all the pilings have been replaced. The floating docks were repaired or replaced as necessary and the ferry landing was modified and enlarged to improve its operation. The work was completed on budget and well ahead of schedule. A Big Thanks to Artus and Ginny Moser who allowed the ferry to use their dock at times when the Landings dock was closed.

The plans for the Marsh View Cottage were discussed. The repairs and improvements are mostly complete and the house was placed on the market during the Annual Meeting at $525,000 .An open house was also planned on that weekend.

The Board Meeting was followed by an open forum discussion on the new Covenants & Bylaws since the voting to approve them would occur the next day at the Annual Meeting. There was modest attendance. One question raised was about renters and a change in terminology. In the new Covenants, renters are referred to as “paying guests” and owners are fully responsible for their guests, both paying and nonpaying. Several questions were raised in regard to the financial procedures in the new Covenants. It was pointed out that nothing has been changed in this regard. Determination of assessments and other financial procedures remain the same. Subsequently, the open session closed.

A good time was had by all at the Friday night reception. Paul Connelly’s team won the Annual Fishing Tournament and people were very active with the silent bidding on the many wonderful photographs of wading birds that were donated as a fundraiser in a joint effort by Dewees Conservancy and the Arts Council to raise money for the Lake Timicau Project.

The Annual Meeting began at 10 AM Saturday, March 21, 2015. It was a very upbeat meeting with many positive things to report. I would like to summarize part of the President’s report for those that could not attend. First, all the volunteers who participate on the committees that aid the island operation were given a round of applause. Two completed major projects were discussed.

The Impoundment Restoration which was completed $9197 under budget and has performed very well during the year.


And the Landings Dock Restoration which was on budget and ahead of schedule.


I reviewed the strategy your Board adopted 2.5 years ago to deal with the large and growing numbers of delinquencies. This involved are in a new law firm McCabe ,Trotter & Beverly, P.C., specializing in Community Association Law. We refined our notification process and have taken the delinquencies through foreclosure if necessary.


The results over this period are dramatic.

Hopefully, we have turned the corner as we are now down to five delinquencies.


We took possession of eight lots last year and we sold three with our special auction. Two sold at tax sales and we still have three unencumbered lots to sell this year.


This year we have foreclosed on seven lots. Two were sold in tax sales and five are awaiting auction.In all cases we are trying to get responsible owners for these lots. This past year 19 properties have been sold. Some have been purchased by existing owners and the rest are new to Dewees.


The demographics of new owners for the past two years are very interesting and wonderful for Dewees!


I concluded that:

  • We had turned the corner on delinquencies.
  • The upswing in real estate sales and values has reached Dewees.
  • We have a lot of new owners.
  • Many are younger with young children who will be part of Dewees for years to come!

This represents a portion of the presentation that I wanted to share with those that did not attend the meeting.

The Election Results were:
Overwhelming approval of the new Covenants and Bylaws ; and the reelection of Anne Anderson, Bill Easterlin and Cecily Hines for a second term as Directors. A large vote of thanks is due to Cecily Hines for her leadership on drafting the new Covenants and Bylaws. The election was followed by a brief POA Board Meeting at which David McIntyre was reelected President; Anne Anderson elected Vice President and Bill Easterlin reelected Treasurer. We then all enjoyed the Oyster Roast that followed the Annual Meeting.

If you did not get to attend this year, please plan to come next year!

Yours truly,

David McIntyre

Dewees Island POA Inc.