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Dewees Managers Update 8.1.2015

Dear Members,

It has been very busy on the island this year. There are several areas that I would like to bring your attention to with regard to recycling and ferry loading. Which includes the use of baggage carts.

Please take a minute to review the following extracts from our policy.

Understanding the policy will help things run more smoothly for all concerned.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Kim Knight
General Manager
843 568 3991



This time of year we would like to ask you all to make a special effort to handle trash and recycling properly. We now practice All in One Recycling.¬†Remind your guests that trash and recycling need to be properly bagged and discarded in the correct blue dumpsters¬† at the Public Works Solid Waste Disposal area.Loose and improperly bagged recycling creates additional handling costs to the Utility and is a health hazard. Please do not dispose of food and non-traditionally recycled items as this action will cause the county to reject our dumpster.Large bulky items can now be disposed of in the Utility Company’s dumpster located in the shed area of public works.Give yourself a few extra minutes when leaving the Island so you can make your deposit and keep our island clean and green. Do not place bagged trash and recycling in the common area trash bins, which are only designed for small incidental items.

Trash Recycling


The Dewees Island Ferry provides ferry transportation for property owners, their guests, and invitees; as well as contractors, workmen, service personnel, real estate clients, renters, and staff. Mates will assist with handling of baggage, groceries and leisure gear.

1. The ferry departs on time based on the pilothouse atomic clock. A bell or horn will be sounded one minute before scheduled departure. The captain may delay departure for only two minutes for passengers who have called ahead (843-568-3990). These passengers must be able to board the ferry and load any baggage within the allotted 2 minute grace period. Please do not call to hold the ferry if you have excessive baggage or other material to be loaded as this will further delay departure. Calls of impending arrival beyond two minutes will not be honored; loading beyond the two minutes will be aborted.

2. Passengers may depart the ferry only after the crew indicates it is safe to do so and after all lines and ramps are secured, and the doors or barriers opened. This will require that passengers remain seated until the crew informs passengers that it is safe to disembark.

3. Baggage space on the ferry is limited to 8 push carts, or 4 on the Breeze, under Coast Guard regulations. The mate will load and unload carts to and from the ferry or ferry shelter, assisting all passengers with pushcart and baggage handling to speed the process and provide safe and efficient handling. To assist in speeding the ferry loading process able bodied passengers may bring their pushcart and baggage onto the floating dock adjacent to the ferry after all passengers and luggage have disembarked. Please do not call to hold the ferry if you have excess material to be loaded. During peak times, baggage loading assignments may be made 15 minutes prior to departure. At this time, push carts will be rationed one push cart per household until all 8 push carts are used. If all 8 push carts are not utilized, the push carts will be divided proportionately between each household. All passengers are able to hand-carry all remaining baggage into the ferry cabin. Passengers should hand-carry items such as fishing rods rather than loading them in carts.

4. The ferry mate needs to off-load baggage and passengers need to disembark before loading for the next trip begins. Passengers waiting to board the ferry should make room for people and materials coming off the ferry. Standing in the loading area can restrict push cart and passenger movement. There are to be no golf carts in ferry landing areas once the ferry is at dock or until the ferry departs.

5. Some passengers may have to wait for the next ferry if passenger load exceeds the USCG legal limit. If this occurs, the boarding order is: owners first followed by guests, construction personnel, renters, and island staff. However if an owner, guests, construction personnel, renters, and island staff is unable to be loaded on the previous run they then have priority on the next run in order of their original arrival time.

Dewees Island Ferry picture

Dewees Island Ferry