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About Dewees Island

What is Dewees Island?

Dewees Island is part of a chain of barrier islands in South Carolina that stretch from Georgetown to DSC_0075Beaufort.  The island is about three miles long, and lies between Capers Island and the Isle of Palms. Geologists have argued for many years about how barrier islands are formed. No one is really quite sure, but most people who have been on a barrier island agree that they create a very unique habitat. Most barrier islands are heavily developed. Dewees is different.


Who Lives on Dewees Island?

A very small community of avid naturalists and environmentally conscious people who decided thatIMG_1218 living in a sensitive barrier island demanded attention to the original vegetation and  inhabitants. The island has only 150 homesites, no paved roads, and very strict building codes, that demand a small footprint and very little clearing of natural vegetation. All the houses are nestled in the island forests. They don’t encroach on the three miles of beachfront, and that creates spectacular views. When you walk on the beach, you feel like you are on a deserted island.

What will I find on Dewees Island?

First and foremost, Dewees is a nature preserve. You will find shorebirds, turtles, white-tail deer, and SAM_0556racoons. You will also find quiet. Bring your books, and your pen. It’s a lovely place to write, read, and reflect. Be sure to bring your camera. There isn’t a bad shot on the island.


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