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Arts Council Presents Danielle Cather-Cohen – July 5

Dewees Island Arts Council


Danielle Cather –Cohen

“I strive for the essence of beauty – a dance with color”

Meet the Artist Friday July 5, 2019

5:30 PM

The Huyler House, Dewees Island, SC

Family & Friends Welcome!

The mission of the Dewees Island Arts Council is to further the appreciation of the arts on Dewees Island and beyond through a series of programs, exhibits, workshops, lectures and field trips. Committee Members: Diane Kliros (Chair), Anne Anderson, Claudia DeMayo, Ester Doyle, Brucie Harry, Low Harry, Susan Mashman, Barbara McIntyre, Cassandra McLeod, Cozy Mitchell, Jane Pasquini, Mary Reilly, Jane Savage, and Lisa Ward