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Alligator Safety

Alligators are out and about looking for sunny basking spots, territory and mates and can be encountered in unexpected places.  Please use caution while you are exploring the island and keep in mind the following safety tips:

Please stay at least 60 feet from all alligators.

Alligators can move quickly when startled.

Alligators do not move backwards.  Do not get between where an alligator wants to head for safety.

Large alligators away from water will often lay motionless in roadways when encountered and will not move until you leave.  This is not always a sign of aggression but rather a response to a threat.

When paddling canoes in the Impoundment, take creek bends wide so alligators have space to get into the water.

Alligators are attracted to splashing and movement in water; please keep kids and pets out.

Please keep dogs under leash or strict voice control when outside.

Avoid dense grassy areas near water.

For more information please visit the Savannah River Ecology Lab