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A New Home for Wood Ducks

Friends of Jan and Bubber McAlhany recently donated their time and expertise to install a new wood duck box on Dewees Island.  The wood duck box was obtained through the SC DNR Wood Duck Box Program http://www.dnr.sc.gov/wildlife/waterfowl/woodduck/application.html

Wood ducks are one of a few ducks that nest in our area.  These ducks nest in cavities over or near freshwater with plenty of cover and access to food such as acorns and insects.  The female will lay between 6-16 eggs and incubation is around 30 days.  Wood ducks will typically have 1-2 broods per season and nesting begins in late January.  The McDevitts and Deckers donated space in their freshwater pond to install the box which has the perfect habitat requirements for wood ducks.  Now we wait to see if they will come.

For more information on wood ducks please visit https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Wood_Duck/id or https://www.ducks.org/conservation/waterfowl-research-science/status-of-the-wood-duck