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Annual Meeting Committee & Treasurer Reports


March 11, 2015

Fellow Dewees Islanders,

Attached are the links to the reports and information pertinent to the Annual Meeting. Please press the link below for access to the committee reports.

The Committee Reports give you a picture of the important participation of the Community Members in nurturing the Dewees concept throughout the year.

Bill Easterlin’s Treasurer’s Report and comments as well as the 2014 Audit are also linked for your review. If you have questions feel free to email them to Kim (kknight@deweesislandpoa.org) or Bill bill@qnbtrust.com before the meeting so that we can be sure to address them.

Please make certain that your signed POA Board Proxy and Ballot have been returned, and that you have made your RSVP for the weekend events. This is especially important this year because of the vote needed for the restatement of the Bylaws and Covenants , which your Board recommends you vote for.

Real estate sales on Dewees have done well with fourteen properties sold since the last Annual Meeting, so we have new owners who we hope will be attending the meeting.

Please plan on attending as we look forward to everyone’s participation!

Click here to view Dewees Community Annual Meeting 2015

o POA Presidents Letter
o Archives Annual Report
o Arts Council Annual Report
o Dewees Communications Committee Annual Report

o Environmental Program Board Reports
o Public Safety Annual Report
o Social Committee Annual Report
o Wetlands Committee Annual Report

Click here to view Dewees POA Treasurer’s Annual Report 2015

o POA Treasurer’s Letter
o POA Audit FY 2012-2013
Yours truly,

David McIntyre,

Dewees Island POA Inc.
273 Old House Lane
Dewees Island, SC 29451-9408