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Hey kids, YOU CAN HELP!  We need you to design a sign that can be printed to help us tell island visitors and residents about our shorebirds.  We are looking for kids in grades pre-k to 12 to design posters about protecting shorebirds.

Did you know that we have several kinds of shorebirds that nest here?  Did you know that their eggs are almost impossible to spot on the sand?  Or that a mother bird will fake a broken wing to lure you away?  On our beach, we have nesting birds that calmly shelter eggs or babies until someone walks too close.  Then they fly over and scream or try to chase the intruder off.  While they are off the nest, eggs are vulnerable to predators and can even cook in the sun’s heat.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Leash your dog and avoid shorebird nesting areas.  Birds don’t recognize leashed dogs and might be unnecessarily alarmed.

  • Try to avoid the ends of the island, or anywhere birds seem flustered by your presence during the heat of the day.

  • Stay out of the dune areas and posted nesting areas.

  • Pick up trash.

  • Fill holes and flatten sand castles when you leave the beach.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Make a design that tells us about a way to help shorebirds and features a Wilson’s Plover, Least Tern or American Oystercatcher, and YOURS might be the one printed and on our beaches.

  2. Email lori@deweesislandpoa.org for a template or stop by the Nature Corner at the Huyler House

  3. All designs due Wednesday, January 27, 2016 by 5:00 pm. Please submit artwork entries to lori@deweesislandpoa.org or drop off to the Landings Building Nature Center.

  4. Submitting a design gives Dewees Island and Audubon the right to use it for shorebird and seabird protection.

  5. Stop by the Nature Corner at the Huyler House or visit the following link for inspiration.  http://dnr.sc.gov/wildlife/species/coastalbirds/files/Brochures/ShorebirdsBrochure.pdf

  6. Have fun!