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Winter Weather Advisory

January 17, 2019

Dear Community,

The National Weather Service is forecasting potential freezing overnight temperatures Sunday evening through Tuesday morning.  Although we do not expect extreme temperatures, as a precautionary measure, we will be draining and turning off the community ice machine at the Huyler House to protect the integrity of our equipment and to protect our pipes.

As we prepare the island’s equipment and RO plant for possible freezing temperatures, we’d also like to remind our homeowners to take similar precautions to protect any exposed pipes at individual residences. For those of you who are on the island, we recommend dripping your faucets overnight when temperatures are expected to drop below 32 degrees. Many of our owners wisely turn their water off at their homes when they are not on-site. If you are away from the island and you have not turned off your water, we suggest calling your local contractor to turn the water off for you. However, for fire safety, it is imperative that all owners DO NOT shut sprinkler systems off. During our 2018 annual inspections, we discovered that some owners had shut their sprinkler systems off during Winter Storm Grayson but had never turned them back on. This puts everyone’s residence at risk.  If you have any questions about where to cut your water off, please contact Chief McWethy during normal business hours on the Public Safety number at 843.296.4952. 

We also advise everyone to use caution while traveling around the island and to be careful when walking on stairways, walkways and loading ramps (both island-side and on the mainland), as they can be icy and slippery with freezing temps.  This is especially true of the metal ramps leading to the ferry.

Lastly, we do not expect the weather to impact the normal ferry schedule. However, we will keep you updated and informed if things change over the next few days.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and preparation.

David Dew                                                                          Catherine Weeks
Island Manager                                                                 Island Administrator