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Wildlife Lighting

South Carolina had its first sea turtle nest yesterday.  This is a great reminder and time to inventory the lighting around your home on Dewees Island.  Artificial lighting can disrupt and disorient not only sea turtle hatchlings but also other animals such as lightening bugs, birds and amphibians.  To learn more about how to protect ecosystems against light pollution please visit the International Dark Sky Association.  To learn more about the best style of outdoor lighting fixtures to minimize impacts to sea turtles and other wildlife please visit the Sea Turtle Conservancy 

To help protect our night sky on Dewees Island please make sure your lighting is contained to your disturbance area per the ARB Guidelines found below. 

Outdoor lighting for porches, steps, walkways and along driveways:

  • use shielded path lights or step lights
  • completely downward-directed
  • no flood or spotlights
  • long wavelength (amber or orange)

Interior lighting should not be visible from beach during turtle season May through October.  Windows should have one or more of the following installed:

  • curtains to cover windows at night or,
  • interior fixtures with shades instead of exposed bulbs or,
  • utilized low wattage, warm white bulbs or,
  • window tint to windows of 45%