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The Wetlands Committee serves and supports the POA Board as a research and assessment team for the management, restoration and conservation of Lake Timicau, the Impoundment and the freshwater conservation areas, and recommends possible solutions.

Wetlands Committee Members

Richard deMayo, Chair richarddem@bellsouth.net
Lesa Kastler lkastler@gmail.com
Diane Kliros dkkliros@gmail.com
Rick Miller 2rickm@gmail.com
Carroll Savage cjsavage@ipbtax.com
Faith Schwaibold fschwaibold@gmail.com 
Tim Zitzman tzitzman@comcast.net
David Dew, General Manager david@deweesislandsc.com
Lori Sheridan Wilson, Staff Environmentalist lori@deweesislandsc.com