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The Wetlands Committee serves and supports the POA Board as a research and assessment team for the management, restoration and conservation of Lake Timicau, the Impoundment and the freshwater conservation areas, and recommends possible solutions.

Wetlands Committee Members

Faith Schwaibold, fschwaibold@gmail.com
Richard deMayo, Chair richarddem@bellsouth.net
Lesa Kastler lkastler@gmail.com
Diane Kliros dkkliros@gmail.com
Rick Miller 2rickm@gmail.com
Carroll Savage cjsavage@ipbtax.com
Tim Zitzman tzitzman@comcast.net
David Dew, General Manager david@deweesislandsc.com
Lori Sheridan Wilson, Staff Environmentalist lori@deweesislandsc.com