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Welcome New Public Safety Officer, John Yohey

John Yohey, Dewees Island Public Safety Officer

John Yohey is the newest team member for the Dewees Island Public Safety Department. Yohey is a second-generation public servant in public safety and previously served with Horry County Fire Rescue in North Myrtle Beach for a little over a year. Prior to his service with Horry County, Yohey spent 7 years at Chippewa Township in Doylestown, Ohio.

When Yohey was asked why he was drawn to Dewees for employment, he said he enjoys the opportunity to work in the wildlife environment while serving for the Public Safety Department. “I’ve always wanted to do fire rescue since I was a small child, but I have never really been a city boy. I’ve always been happy outdoors and prefer nature. I would also like to thank the owners who serve on the Boards for allowing me the opportunity to work for Dewees Island.”

John enjoys airsoft and playing paintball in his free time. He is on the airsoft team “The Hot Shots” with his fellow firefighters.

Please give a warm welcome to John when you see him on the island!