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Golf Cart Policy

Getting around the island

Golf carts are provided by the owner you are renting from. If there is a problem with your golf cart, please contact that person to report the problem. Additional golf carts may be rented from the Management office at 843-886-6624 ext. 82

It is a good idea to charge your golf cart when it is not in use (evening charges usually last a whole day).

Golf carts can be driven down the beach access areas to the parking areas next to the board walks. DO NOT drive golf carts over the dunes or on the beach.

You must have a valid driver’s license to drive a golf cart. Owners living on the Island are eligible for permits at a younger age using their own golf carts (call the Management office for details: 843-886-6624 ext 82).

As this will be your mode of travel around the Island, please drive with care.

A fine will be imposed on those who do not abide by golf cart rules.

Amended Dewees Island Driving Regulations
(As of May, 2002)

1) At the age of 11 a child or grandchild of a property owner may obtain a Dewees learner’s permit from the Management Office allowing him/her to drive a golf cart provided that a parent or grandparent is in the front passenger seat. At the age of 12, with a required minimum of 5 hours of driving time with a parent or grandparent, a Dewees license may be obtained after passing both a written test and a driving test.

2) Either the learner’s permit or the driver’s license must be displayed on the windshield facing oncoming traffic whenever the child is driving.

3) A violation of these regulations will result in a letter advising the owner or renter of the golf cart of the rules, followed by a warning letter if a second violation occurs. Subsequent violations will incur increasing fines starting at $100. [or: will incur a fine of $100, then $250, then upwards. or: will incur an initial fine of $100, increasing to $250 and thereafter by $250 for each subsequent violation.]

4) Construction traffic is subject to similar fines for driving in excess of the speed limit.
Amended 7/16/2005

The Board changed the policy so that the staff can immediately issue fines for gross offenses after checking with the Island Manager and one of the Board members.