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Golf Cart Policy

Golf Cart Policy effective January 20, 2018

Motorized private transportation on Dewees Island is solely by electric vehicles. Approved electric golf carts and electric cars may only be driven on roads, public beach access paths, and private driveways.  They may also occasionally be driven on the helicopter landing field.  They shall not be driven off road, on the beach, on the dunes, on narrow docks or boardwalks (less than 5′ wide), such as Big Bend dock, or anywhere else POA signs prohibit their use beyond a given point.

The community speed limit is 17 mph everywhere on Dewees.   Electric golf carts and electric cars will only be permitted that have a maximum speed capability of 25 MPH.  Any vehicle capable of going more than 25 MPH must 1) be approved in writing by the POA Board and 2) be outfitted with a governor that limits the top speed to 25 mph.

The following maximums shall apply to all electric vehicles:

Length = 148″
Width = 58″
Height = 78″
Weight, including batteries = 2500 pounds

Dewees expressly prohibits the use of the following types of vehicles:

  • Amphibious vehicles, such as Quadskis
  • Off-road vehicles, such as ATVs, Quadbikes and Off-road Motorcycles
  • Full-size electric cars
  • Any vehicle with a combustion engine, except as otherwise allowed for construction, and POA and DUC purposes

All vehicles should have working head and tail lights, working brakes and must be labeled with the owner’s lot number on the front and driver’s side of the vehicle.