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Annual Ferry Pass Policy


Annual Ferry Pass Policies    

Existing owners:

  1. Before October 31, owners can purchase an annual individual pass, for themselves as individuals, or a property pass, for all* individuals coming to their property (family, non-paying guests, and occasional contractors.

*Excludes regular contractors and paying guests.

(See #15-16 below for explanation of occasional and regular contractors.)

  1. Rates for individual and for property annual passes are set prior to October 1 and are based on historical usage data from the prior complete fiscal year.
  2. If individual passes are purchased, all other visitors to that property will be charged the standard fee ($8/ride)
  3. Rates for owners of multiple properties are based on the combined total rides for all properties owned in whole or in part by those individuals.
  4. An entity (as defined in the bylaws) is eligible to purchase an annual property pass based on the combined historic usage data for all individuals associated with the entity.
  5. If multiple homes/lots are owned, historical data will be combined for the purpose of calculating the rate, and ferry pass privileges will be assigned to the designated property of the owner(s) choice.  The pass rate is based on combined historical data for designated owner(s), but owner(s) shall not be charged more than once for an annual pass. 
  6. If a pass holder purchases a new property on Dewees, they may transfer their annual pass to their new property for remainder of the fiscal year.

If a pass holder sells their property:

  1. The property pass is transferable only to the new owner or owners of the property.
  2. The individual pass or passes are transferable only to the specified new owner(s) of the property.
  3. If an annual pass has been purchased by a fractional owner and is sold within the year, the annual pass privilege may be transferred to the new fractional owner for the remainder of the year.

 For new owners of properties which do not hold annual passes:

  1. For new lot/homeowners with more than 3 months historical data, their actual usage will be annualized and annual ferry pass rate will be calculated based on historical data.
  2. For new owners of an unimproved lot with no historical ferry use data, the annual pass rate is $300 per individual or $700 per lot
  3. For new homeowners with up to 3 adults and with no historical ferry use data, the cost of an annual pass is $500 per individual or $1300 for a property pass
  4. For new homeowners with 4 or more adults, or for homes owned by an entity with no historical ferry use data, an individual annual pass can be purchased for $400 per individual or $3000 for a property pass


  1. Regular contractors are those who visit often, such as housekeepers, golf cart and yard folks. They will have their own ferry accounts and may bill their clients accordingly.
  2. Occasional contractors are those who respond to occasional and unpredictable needs, such as plumbers, architects, electricians, HVAC etc. They are covered under property passes, but not individual passes
  3. A single “construction package” ferry fee will be available prior to new construction.

  Use of passes:

  1. Owners who purchase a lot pass may not allow other owners as their guests for the purpose of avoiding the standard ferry fee.
  2. Owners who purchase a lot pass may not allow guests/family/contractors of other owners to utilize their pass for the purpose of avoiding the standard ferry fee.
  3. Pass privileges are not assignable to paying guests (tenants).
  4. Pass privileges are not assignable to Regular Contractors.
  5. Abuse of Annual Pass Policy may result in fines or termination of annual pass at the discretion of the Board.  In the event a pass is terminated, the owner will receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the year, less a 15% administrative fee (deducted from balance).

No charge riders:

  1. POA employees
  2. Children under 3
  3. Students who live on the island full time (and one accompanying adult for children under 16) on regularly scheduled school days
  4. Real estate prospects viewing a specific property and their accompanying Agent
  5. Contractors, consultants, and guests of the POA
  6. Federal, state and local government employees and/or their agents coming to the island on official business