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Nesting Beach Update

Wilson’s Plovers have returned to nest on Dewees.  Nesting areas are being posted over the next few weeks.  Please be mindful when walking between Dewees Inlet and Huyler House Walk and between the breach and the power lines.  Wilson’s Plovers nest on the dry sand above the high tide line.  They may fake a wing injury when you are too close to their nest, but this does not always happen.  …Read More

Coastal Resiliency Task Force Volunteers Needed

The Dewees Island POA is interested in forming a Coastal Resiliency Task Force.  This group will be responsible for forming partnerships, engaging stakeholders, researching and submitting grants, and developing a long range Coastal Resiliency Plan for Dewees Island to be submitted to the POA Board for approval. What is Coastal Resilience & Why does it Matter? According to NOAA “Coastal Resilience means building the ability of a community to “bounce …Read More

Dewees Island Introduces Ferry Staff Member Kathryn Heyward

Dewees Island is excited to have Kathryn Heyward aboard as our newest deckhand. Born and raised in Mount Pleasant, in middle school Kathryn moved to Paradise Island in Awendaw, where her family lived on the Wando River. She said she could not imagine growing up any other way then going out on the boat everyday after school.  Kathryn worked with children for over ten years before she had the opportunity …Read More

Citizen Scientists

Dear Dewees Community, Our lives have changed due to the coronavirus, but the natural world is still moving along in its predictable manner.  Whether you are on or off Dewees Island there are ways for everyone to participate in documenting what you see from your home. While on Dewees Island – please send info to me by text or email at 843.568.3994 or lori@deweesislandsc.com : King Tides: please take photos …Read More

Arts Council – Fish Art Display in the Huyler House

April 3, 2020 Dewees Island Arts Council Report on Huyler House Exhibit Dear Community, Just two weeks ago today, some members of the Arts Council were busy gathering art of various kinds to complete the new exhibit that we were hanging in the Huyler House entitled Fish Art.  It is amazing what you can accomplish and maintain the 6’ required social distancing!  Jane Pasquini, Barbara McIntyre and I were an …Read More

Capt. Thornton Lacy named as new Dewees Island Port Captain

While Covid-19 pandemic has dominated the headlines almost every way, there are other important things taking place on the island.  An exciting piece of news is that we have promoted Thornton Lacy to the position of Port Captain.  Thornton has done an outstanding job serving as our Assistant Port Captain since 2019, and he brings tremendous enthusiasm and experience to his new role.    Thornton first began working for Dewees in 2018, and he has made …Read More

Alligator Safety

Alligators are out and about looking for sunny basking spots, territory and mates and can be encountered in unexpected places.  Please use caution while you are exploring the island and keep in mind the following safety tips: Please stay at least 60 feet from all alligators. Alligators can move quickly when startled. Alligators do not move backwards.  Do not get between where an alligator wants to head for safety. Large …Read More

Isle of Palms Checkpoint and Request for all to Register on the Island:

If you are visiting the island before April 30, and you need our help with proof of ownership for the Isle of Palms Police Department, please email catherine@deweesislandsc.com.  We will provide a letter to show law enforcement as proof of ownership, and we will provide a laminated pass once you arrive on the island. We sincerely appreciate that many owners are traveling to the island by personal vessel in order …Read More

Appropriate Social Distancing:

Please respect your neighbors by maintaining appropriate social distancing.  This is probably the most difficult part of the protocols for everyone.  We live in a wonderful, friendly community where people want to interact with each other.  We are also extremely fortunate to have a low density on Dewees, but please remember that community spread can happen very quickly.  We are asking that there be no unnecessary guests and no unnaccompanied …Read More

COVID-19 Restrictions – S.C. State of Emergency

April 7, 2020 We hope that all of you are safe and in good health.  As we come to grips with the realities of dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded that our families and the well-being of others has become the most important aspect of our daily lives.  Currently it appears that the restrictions are likely to continue for several more weeks, and our region is beginning to experience …Read More