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POA President’s Update

January 11, 2018 Dear Community, With five inches of snow having quietly melted away on Dewees this morning and the ferry running her usual schedule, life begins to return to normal on island.  David Dew has faithfully kept us up-to-date as we accepted the fairyland beauty and grand fun of 5 inches of snow along with the challenges of extreme cold and repair of broken pipes.  Throughout all, our community …Read More

Nominating Committee’s Report for 2018 POA Board

January 11, 2018 Dear Members: Your Nominating Committee has met several times in November and December, 2017, pursuant to the Bylaws to identify property owners who would be qualified to serve as a member of the Board of Directors if elected during the annual meeting on March 24, 2018.  Applying the standards prescribed by the Bylaws, the committee has identified three nominees for three vacancies: Jim Doyle, Barbara McIntyre and …Read More

Internet Information Exchange Discussion – January 21

The Internet Information Exchange meeting has been rescheduled for Sunday, January 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Huyler House. That’s the day after the upcoming POA Board meeting. Several members of the community — Dave Mortimer, Mark Pagano, Keith McDaniel, Reggie Fairchild, Judy Drew Fairchild and others — will be talking about their efforts to find a workable solution for decent Internet service right now. There will be a lively …Read More

Ethnic Potluck Dinner – January 27

America is blessed with an abundance of rich diversity in race, culture, ethnicity and nationality. As close as we are on Dewees, what do you really know about your neighbor’s background? Find out on Saturday, January 27 at 5:30p.m. at the Huyler House! Bring a dish that represents your ethnicity to share and giving a short talk on it, we will all be enriched.   Perhaps a few people can …Read More

Wildlife Trail Camera at Public Works Receptacle Area

ERB staff will be installing a wildlife trail camera at the Public Works Garbage & Recycling Area on Friday, January 12th.  The camera will allow ERB staff & interns to monitor for possible problematic interactions between humans and wildlife through the indirect feeding of wildlife at the Garbage and Recycling dumpsters.  The camera will be pointed toward the front of the dumpsters to view animals approaching from the helio-pad area.  …Read More

Happy Hour & Bird Friendly Communities Presentation

BIRD FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES PRESENTATION  FRIDAY, JANUARY 19TH  HUYLER HOUSE  Please join the ERB for an evening highlighting Bird Friendly Communities. Borneo Birds & Conservation w/ Kristen 4:30 pm Kristen Oliver, the Dewees Conservancy Intern will share photos of birds she encountered during her bird breeding ecology project in Borneo during the Spring & Summer of 2017.  She will also highlight the impacts of palm oil plantations on Borean Ecosystems.  Happy …Read More

Lost & Found Items to be Claimed

Missing something? Below is a list of belongings that have been turned into Lost & Found. Harris Teeter reusable grocery bag Grey two-toned Men’s cap Naples, FL hat Pink UVSkinz hat Kids goggles Prescription sunglasses SCRWA.org coasters (2) Red and navy dog leash Swell water bottle Vineyard Vines zip-up sweater Unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill on January 30.  Lost & Found is located at Public Works in the …Read More

Christmas Wish to Our Owners

Dear Owners, Christmas is just a few days away, and there is an abundance of holiday cheer with the island staff thanks to the generous gifts from so many of you, our owners.  Over the last several weeks, many of you have sent contributions to the Employee Holiday Fund.  Today, the checks are being distributed to the staff, and everyone sincerely appreciates your kindness.  We also deeply appreciate the box …Read More