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Updates and Reminders



The Islander

The Islander is back up and fully operational. 





The July 26 barge is at capacity. 

The next barge is scheduled for August 5.

Please contact Brit if you would like to reserve space. Brit@deweesislandsc.com.




EV Charging Station 

There is currently one electric vehicle charging station at the Marina. Please alternate charging vehicles every 24 hours to share with communities members.  All other outlets are not rated to charge a vehicle. The POA is currently in the planning stages to add more chargers in the new fiscal year.



Golf Carts

Lot numbers should be prominently displayed on the front and side of the golf cart. Golf carts must be registered with the POA, and each cart is subject to an annual $200 registration fee (subject to change). The registration decal should be displayed on the windshield.


As a reminder, owners are requested to pick up packages from the mailroom within 24 hours.