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Update on Lake Timicau Restoration Project

We have good news to report on the Lake Timicau Restoration Project.  The first water control device has been installed.  Lake Timicau Road will be open on Saturday, July 29!  The process took longer than expected due to an electrical conduit which had been found to be buried rather shallow.  Current SCEG requirements for the conduit made it necessary to lower the depth of the water control device 22 inches. The new depth meant the contractors had to enlarge and reinforce the working ditch in order to hold back water and prevent the sides of the banks from caving in.  That resulted in the longer than expected construction time frame.

This new water control device will allow a connection between Lake Timicau and the Impoundment allowing Lori Sheridan Wilson to manage the flow of water as needed.  This is an integral part of the project which will enable a healthy ecosystem for birds, fish and recreation.

Beginning Monday, July 31, work will begin at the One-Pipe site.  Malcolm Baldwin, the Engineer for Ducks Unlimited, expects construction on this water control device to take between 1-2 weeks to install.  Unfortunately, the road past one pipe will be closed during this phase of construction. 

When the One-Pipe site is completed, construction will begin on the final phase of the Restoration Project at Six-Pipes.  We appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and patience as this important project progresses towards its completion.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Faith Schwaibold, Chair Wetlands Committee