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Turtle Friendly Lighting

As of today, Dewees Island is still at 4 Loggerhead Sea Turtle nests for the season. Nest #1 is at day 45. Over the last 10 years the average incubation for a nest laid the last week of May was 61 days.

While we are waiting for the 2021 hatchlings to emerge it is a good time to check your home’s interior and exterior lighting to ensure it does not cause disorientation.

Is your home’s lighting visible from the beach?  If so, please consider one of the following modifications during nesting season.

Interior – curtains to cover windows at night, interior fixtures with shades instead of exposed bulbs, utilize low-wattage warm white bulbs instead of LED lighting. Turn off lights to rooms when not in use.

Exterior – contained within your footprint and completely downward-directed, low-wattage, shielded and only long wavelength 560 mn or greater (amber or orange light).

For more information please visit SCDNR