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The POA is Offering Complimentary Golf Cart Disposal Through Oct 31

Dear Owners,

As in the prior year, each golf cart (working or not) on the island is required to be registered with the POA and is subject to an Annual Golf Cart Registration Fee of $200. 

We have record of carts that were registered in FY20. Chantal will be reacing out to the primary owner for each lot to verify the number of carts belonging to each property for registration. Once the number of carts is verified, invoices will be processed. Owners and contractors will have the option to submit payment to Dewees Island POA via check, ACH, or credit card. For those of you who have already taken the initiative to submit a check for golf cart registration, thank you.

Public Safety staff will assist to install registration decals on individual golf carts once:
1. Payment is received for the cart(s)
2. Proper identification of lot # on the front and driver’s side of the vehicle is verified on the cart, per our golf cart policy.

If you have a cart you would like removed from the island, the POA will waive the $250 golf cart removal fee through the end of October.

Carts to be Terminated need to be brought to the waste disposal area near the large 30 yard dumpsters for termination. Please make sure the batteries are removed and placed on the battery pallet for proper disposal. Staff will not disassemble carts that are being disposed of. Once the batteries have been removed and placed on the pallet, we will take it from there!

Cart Removal Off Island – We have a barge scheduled for next Friday, October 23. If you would like to have a golf cart removed off the island, please let Chantal know at chantal@deweesislandsc.com so she can make arrangements on the barge.

The deadline for golf cart registration is October 31, and for any new cart, registration is required within 30 days of possession. Golf cart registration is transferable to replacement carts. Contractor carts are also subject to the $200 registration fee. 

Please contact Chantal at chantal@deweesislandsc.com or 843.568.3992 with any questions or concerns.