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Tallow Season on Dewees

It is time once again to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while checking your lot for Chinese Tallow Trees.  Tallow trees (aka Popcorn Tree) are an exotic invasive plant from Asia.  It has no known natural controls on Dewees Island (except salt water).  It can quickly out compete native vegetation thereby reducing biodiversity on the island.  If you find Tallow trees growing on your lot you have a few options.  

When scanning your property for Tallow please pay particular attention to the following areas; 1) Low depressions – Tallow trees are most likely found in seasonal wetlands and the lowest elevations on lots, 2) Southern facing edges – get the most sun throughout the day and 3) transition areas – between the forest and the Impoundment and the forest and dunes.

One bright side of the breach is salt water kills Tallow trees; therefore lots boarding Lake Timicau do not have to worry about these trees growing on their property this year.

I am happy to walk your lot with you to help identify these trees as well as point out specific areas you may find them in the future (seeds stay viable in the soil for decades) and discuss options for removal and/or treatment. 

To learn more about Chinese Tallow Trees please visit the following link.

Thank you for your help!

Chinese tallow tree