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Last Call for Annual Ferry Pass Signups!

Dear Owners,

If you would like to sign up for the annual ferry pass for this year, please notify Catherine by October 31.

FY21 Annual Ferry Pass Plan
Available to All Owned Properties In Good Standing:

All owners of undeveloped properties will be entitled to 100 free rides per lot which will include ridership for their family as well as their guests. Thereafter, the per ride charge per passenger will be $8.00.

Homeowners will be entitled to purchase an annual pass for $5,000 which will include ridership for their family as well as guests and contractors associated with their lot (but not intended to include guests for large special events such as weddings.)

Owners with lots under development (or under major renovation requiring a CO) will be entitled to purchase an annual pass for $10,000 specifically, for construction workers associated with their lot.

The following people will continue to ride the ferry at no charge:

  • POA employees
  • Children under 3
  • Students who live on the island full time (and one accompanying adult for children under 16) on regularly scheduled school days
  • Real estate prospects viewing a specific property and their accompanying Agent
  • Contractors, consultants, and guests of the POA
  • Federal, state and local government employees and/or their agents coming to the island on official business

We always want to accommodate our owners as best as we can. However, due to the complexities of administration and accounting, once an owner commits to an annual pass, he or she will have 3 days to reconsider. After 3 days, the property will be committed to the annual pass for the full fiscal year. Thereafter, credits will not be issued for attempting to revoke the annual pass. Further, if an owner wishes to purchase an annual ferry pass after the October 31 sign up deadline, credits for individual rides that occurred prior to purchasing the pass for the property will not be issued. We appreciate your understanding.