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Spring is Here

The island has come alive with the warm weather.  Along the roadway the Bluets and Dewberries are blooming and the Red Admiral Butterfly has staked out its sunny perch.  As you enjoy the warmer weather please be mindful of reptiles coming out of their winter brumation.  Keep an eye on the roadway and keep pets under close voice or leash control for the safety of both your pet and wildlife.  Last week we found Diamondback Terrapins hatching out of their nest chamber at the ferry golf cart parking area (they blend in well with the road); 3 out of 4 made it to the marsh.  You may get lucky to witness another nest hatch along Dewees Inlet Drive or Old House Lane along the Impoundment.  While driving by the Huyler House pond please be mindful of the female alligator sunning along the roadway.  She may seem slow and sluggish but she is a very protective mamma and she enjoys golf carts which move quickly by vs slowing down for a picture.  You may encounter alligators in atypical locations as they are on the move for territory or mates and keep your ears open for the male alligators seasonal serenade at the Huyler House Pond.  Enjoy.


Lori Sheridan Wilson,
Environmental Program Director & ARB Coordinator