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What Activities & Events Do You Enjoy On Dewees?

 Dear Dewees Community,

The Social Committee would like to hear from our Community members about activities and events to have (or to skip) throughout the year. We kindly ask that you to take a moment to complete a quick, 2-minute survey to get your feedback on upcoming and potential events.

Please click here for the survey. If you completed the survey last week — we kindly ask that you re-submit your responses (to include your first and last name) or simply notify Peter Cotton at petercotto@gmail.com

We appreciate your help in advance for your ideas, creativity, and participation!

Dewees Social Committee

Peter Cotton, Chair
Marion Cotton
Claudia deMayo
Connie Drew
Bill Duncon
Susan Mashman
Bubber McAlhany
Jan McAlhany
Ginny Moser
Alicia Reilly
Faith Schwaibold