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The Social Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating social activities that foster community spirit.

Annual activities/events include but are not limited to the Easter Sunrise Service, Memorial Day celebration, July 4 celebration and New Year’s Eve party.

The chair shall call meetings 3-4 times a year to plan and discuss upcoming and/or new activities and events.  The chair will publish the minutes of each meeting.   If a member is unable to attend a meeting, he or she should read the minutes making appropriate comments or suggestions as warranted.  E-mails sent by the chair should be responded to in a timely fashion so issues may be resolved.

All members are encouraged to explore new opportunities that may be of interest to the community.  One committee member shall act as treasurer.

All members will make decisions as a collective group and hold joint responsibility for decisions and actions taken by the committee even in their absence.

Social Committee Members

Ginny Moser, Chair ginnymoser@gmail.com 
Marion Cotton mandpcotton@gmail.com
Peter Cotton petercotto@gmail.com
Claudia deMayo rdemayo@bellsouth.net
Bob Drew roberttdrew@gmail.com
Connie Drew conniehoytdrew@gmail.com
Bubber McAlhany jmcalh@gmail.com
Jan McAlhany janmcalhany@icloud.com
Liz O’Leary tinyliz@gmail.com
Faith Schwaibold fschwaibold@gmail.com
Kella Smith jss4mile@gmail.com