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Sea Turtles Dig the Dark & Hatching News

What does your house look like to a hatchling?  Hatchlings typically emerge during the night and follow the reflected light of the moon to the ocean.  On moonless nights artificial light may accidentally guide the hatchlings in the wrong direction.  Please be mindful during sea turtle hatching season of how your home may reflect light onto the beach during moonless lights.  If light from your home can be seen from the beach the hatchlings may become disoriented.  To help hatchlings make their way quickly & safely to the ocean please consider closing curtains or blinds when inside lights are on during the months of July – October.  Please also be mindful of exterior lights; install motion sensors on outside lights under your home and ensure the light is contained within the footprint of your home.  Thanks so much for your help in protecting sea turtles!

Join the Dewees Island Turtle Patrol as they explore and record the remaining contents of a hatched sea turtle nest.  Upcoming Inventories:

Nest 4 “Tyler-Austin” on Tuesday, August 21 @ 7 pm – North of Marshmallow Walk

Nest 5 “Peyton” on Thursday, August 23 @ 7 pm – North of Ancient Dunes Walk

Non-flash photography welcome and please leave flashlights and dogs at home.