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Sea Turtle End of Season Nest Update

This season Dewees Island had 21 nests and 18 false crawls.  Of the 21 nests, 3 were washed away by tides.  For the remaining 18 nests the stats are as follows: 2 nests with no hatchlings due to Isaias wash over, 2 nests with unknown status (due to tides, wildlife activity we could not accurately inventory), 8 nests with under 50% hatch success (tide wash over killed some eggs but not all) and 6 nests with over 65% hatch success . 

Our average incubation was 59 days.  Our mean hatch success was 32%, the mean emergence success was 31%, the nest success was 58% and our beach success was 54%.  The nest success for the entire state is currently 51%.  These may sound like low numbers, but our 14 nests contributed to 551 hatchlings headed to the sea! 

Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed their time for beach surveys!

For more information on sea turtle nest data please visit http://www.seaturtle.org/nestdb/?view=2