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Road Update

Road update

The staff has started incorporating two new road drainage techniques along Old House Lane; 1) removing the berm and 2) installing rock gardens in areas of standing water.

Berm removal is utilized when there is a slight grade in the road and water pools at the bottom.  This technique will be implemented from Public Works north on Old House Lane; there are a few examples currently completed in this area.

Rock gardens are utilized when there is a significant grade (for Dewees) in the road and water flows down the roadbed to low areas.  The rock gardens help to get flowing water off the roads while keeping the shell sand (i.e. road material) on the road.  There are currently 3 rock gardens installed along Old House Lane.  Over time vegetation will grow around the rock gardens to soften their appearance.

Staff expect to finish drainage improvements along Old House Lane in the next several weeks.  Then staff will move onto Dewees Inlet Drive & Huyler House Loop, Pelican Flight north of Ancient Dunes, Lake Timicau Road and then the remaining sections of Pelican Flight.

The above work is in addition to current roadbed grating and crowning and is subject to dry weather.