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Refresher on the POA’s Golf Cart Identity Program

Dear Dewees Island Property Owners,

The following is a refresher on the POA’s Golf Cart Identity Program:

Over the years the POA Board of Directors has had serious concerns regarding golf cart usage on the island.  While some owners may not be aware of it, golf carts are, like any motorized vehicle, potentially very dangerous if not maintained in good working order and if not operated in a safe and cautious manner.  It is a fact that on another coastal island POA where golf carts are the primary transportation, a number of serious accidents have occurred, some resulting in deaths and major lawsuits against its members.

After careful consideration and legal advice, the Board felt that it was prudent to shelter member’s liability and, it is hoped, reduce the risk of serious injuries by requiring the completion of the attached document by anyone who operates a golf cart on the island.

The completion of the documents protects you and your association from potential litigation.

If you have not completed the form, or have new carts that have been added to your fleet recently , please download it, https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxme6m5st2su9ri/GolfCartIdem.pdf  and get a signed copy to the POA staff.  Once the completed form is received, the POA staff will issue appropriate indemnification decals for each cart.  These indemnification decals can be picked up at the Administration Office during regular business hours.  We ask that the decal be placed on the lower corner (driver’s side) of your cart’s windshield.

The POA also requires all golf carts to display lot numbers on the front and left side of the cart, the identifying number stickers can be purchased from any hardware store. If you want to protect your golf cart from or authorized use you need to have it identified.

Please take time to complete the form and get it to the POA office and have the proper decals and stickers applied to your cart.

Thanking you for your assistance and have a great and safe weekend on Dewees.


Mr.Kim Knight
General Manager