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Proper Recycling Saves $ and Reduces Impact on Environment

We appreciate owners minimizing their trips on the ferries in view of the coronavirus. As expected, we are transporting an influx of online deliveries and packages to the island for our owners. However, everything that is brought to the island eventually must be removed from the island. We would like to take this time to send a friendly reminder to please break down your boxes and use the 30-yard container for disposing large items. These two requests alone minimize the impacts on the environment and maximizes receptacle space which ultimately reduces the cost of trash removal.

Additionally, please consider the following tips:

1. Recyclables 

Recycle to reduce trash on the Island. Recycle items must be brought to the Public Works disposal area and placed in the designated container. Following is a summary of items collected as recyclable on Dewees Island in coordination with Charleston County:

Corrugated cardboard boxes must be broken down to maximize the space of our recycling containers. The more quickly they are filled, the more often we must have them emptied on the mainland. Transporting trash and recycling is costly to all owners.

Mixed: 3 colors of glass containers unbroken (clear, brown, and green) – metal lids also – Steel food cans – Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, aluminum pie pans – Plastics #1 – #7 (rinse, lids can stay on) – empty oil bottles (drained, with cap screwed on)

Paper: Newspaper – Magazines – Junk Mail – Office Paper – Books (hard-cover and soft-back) – Glossy Paper (fax, magazines or inserts). No food contaminated paper, metal fasteners, Kleenex, paper towels or napkins.

Paperboard: items such as cereal boxes, soda can box, laundry detergent boxes, cracker boxes, cake mix boxes, tissue boxes

CLICK HERE for more information about Charleston County Recycling.

2. Trash

Trash must be properly bagged in heavy trash bags and must be brought to the Public Works disposal area. For larger items such as mattresses, bicycles, beach chairs, etc., please use the large 30-yard container, not the small trash containers.

Use designated 30-yard container for disposing larger items.

3. Golf Cart Batteries
There is a designated pallet located near the 30-yard container for disposing golf cart batteries. Please do not throw them in the dumpsters. We take them off island and recycle them.

4. White Goods
White Goods, such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, etc. are not permitted in our containers. Please coordinate with your vendor to have the old one removed from the island when having your new appliance installed.