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From the President: In the Holiday Spirit

In the Holiday Spirit

To All Our Dewees Families,

Awakening in Eastern Standard Time on November 5th startled me into reality:  a year has flown by.

Year-end details yet to be addressed tumbled through my mind; memories of the incredible pace of events that whirled around Dewees Island surfaced.  Change has been our watchword; challenge has tested our metal; success has buoyed our spirits; growth has made us community.

With the arrival of David Dew, to his credit and his commitment to describe in detail the daily events on Dewees, he gave us a sense of having been on island through the eclipse; the arrival, impact and repair of the damage from Irma; the progress of rebuilding the roads, including the wash out on Lake Timicau Lane and One Pipe; yet to be decided is the best way to repair Six Pipes; the travail and excitement (yes, excitement!) of experiencing a variety of boat transportations; embracing a new general manager; all juxtaposed against the daily operating of the island, of maintaining our utilities, safety, infrastructure, ferries, roads, barge runs, construction and the environment.

Our steadfast, committed staff enabled our island to be ready seamlessly as we arrived day or night.  They appeared tireless as they went about their day.  We knew that behind the smiles and hellos they were often worn out and frazzled.  Days off were few.  I know many who worked through the weekends when it made a difference.

Dewees has a long tradition of expressing our gratitude to our staff for their year-long care and support in the form of a Holiday Gift.  This year we will continue that tradition. 

The gift is not a bonus, built into the budget.  It is a volunteer Thanks from each of you.  Your gifts are anonymous, known only to our accountant. The total dollars are distributed strictly according to our policy:  every full-time staff member who has been employed since January 1, 2017, receives a full, equal share.  Part-time staff and/or those employed after the first of the year, receive a pro rata share based on actual time worked.  Position or longevity plays no part in how your gift is shared. 

We have 15 full-time and 13 part-time employees, each of whom is eminently qualified and dedicated.  Together they form a close-knit team that keeps our island operating smoothly.  Some positions offer regular interface with us; others work, for the most part, quietly beyond our notice.  Each has an important part to play.  Your Board is proud of every individual on the team and of the contributions they make.  We know that you share our feeling.    

We believe that it is appropriate to show our gratitude for these hard working folks.  Last year we shared $22,330 from over 60 property owners!  We believe that the unusual challenges met by our staff this year deserve special recognition in 2017.  

We encourage you to send your check no later than December 10, 2017, so that their gift can be received in time for the holidays. 

Make your checks payable to the “Dewees Island Holiday Fund”  

Mail to:  Chris Dugan, Dewees Island POA, 273 Old House Lane, Dewees Island, SC 29451

Please drop me an email if you have questions at alittledewees@gmail.com  or phone me at 704-641-1405.

All the best to you and your family this holiday season!  Hope to see you on island!

Anne Anderson
Dewees Island POA