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POA President’s Update

January 11, 2018

Dear Community,

With five inches of snow having quietly melted away on Dewees this morning and the ferry running her usual schedule, life begins to return to normal on island.  David Dew has faithfully kept us up-to-date as we accepted the fairyland beauty and grand fun of 5 inches of snow along with the challenges of extreme cold and repair of broken pipes.  Throughout all, our community has pitched in and our spirit has sustained us. 

There are several updates in areas of interest to you that I would like to share. 

The Internet Task Force:  The focus of the Task Force at this point in time, is to share information from individuals in the community who have begun taking advantage of alternative Internet service options now being offered by a variety of adaptations.  An Internet Information Exchange will meet Sunday, January 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Huyler House.  Members of the community — Dave Mortimer, Mark Pagano, Keith McDaniel, Reggie Fairchild, Judy Drew Fairchild and others — will be talking about their efforts to find a workable solution for acceptable Internet service, sharing what is actually in place and working for them right now.  Topics will include unlimited data usage and boosting the cellular data signal at your home. 

They are offering ways to improve service in the short term while continuing to look for a more permanent solution as Internet providers and technology methods rapidly progress.

Lake Timicau repairs at Six Pipes breach continue to await contractor bids.  The particular nature of skills and experience for this type repair is limited to a handful of contractors, all of which are still repairing damage from Matthew with the Irma repairs following immediately behind in the scope of jobs to be completed.  Lori and Richard deMayo, chair of the Wetlands Committee, are in constant contact with Malcolm Baldwin, the Ducks Unlimited engineer who is managing the overall project.  Malcolm continues to search for the most efficient repair that will give us the best service with an expectation of years of protection.

With the coyote family that has lived quietly on Dewees for a year or two producing four pups this year, they have been seen more often about the island.  Urban legends are quick to develop.  The Board felt the need to gather statistical evidence about numbers of animals, habitats where they are seen and behaviors they exhibit; therefore, a Coyote Task Force has been established to work with Lori in this citizen scientist project.  Christy Drew, Fred Schwaibold, Alex Kliros, Cory McIntyre, Jim Henshaw, and Ronnie Bonds form the nucleus of the task force.  They will collect data gathered from other community volunteers who will be monitoring trail cameras, reporting sightings and observing behavior.  The goal is to develop a good database to help formulate our policies as we adapt to these new resident animals.  The data will help in developing Educational programs about the species.  

2018 Nominations to POA Board:  You have received the report from the Nominating Committee in today’s e-newsletter, which includes the names of the Nominees put forth for election to the 2018 POA Board:   Jim Doyle, Barbara McIntyre and Pat Wilson have agreed to run for election.  You will also receive resumes and disclosure information from each candidate.  The Dewees ByLaws provide for any owner in good standing, having been an owner for at least one year, and being the sole owner serving from any one lot, to run by Petition.  You can find requirements for nomination by Petition in Article XL.Section11.4 of the Dewees Island Bylaws.

Your POA Board passed an amendment to Section 6.4 of the Bylaws in order to provide flexibility for the POA Board to extend the number of members to any current Board by one, for one year only, for the purpose described in the following motion:

Amendment to Article VI.Section 6.4 of the Dewees Island Bylaws as follows:

An Owner may not serve on the Board for more than two (2) consecutive three (3) terms; provided however, a Director shall be allowed to serve two (2) full consecutive terms in addition to serving a term of one (1) year or less to fill an unexpired term of a Director. An Owner who has served two (2) consecutive terms will be eligible for election to a subsequent term provided that at least three (3) years intervene between expiration of the second of the two (2) consecutive full terms and the commencement of the new term. In the event that the Board determines it would be in the best interests of the POA for a sitting President whose term on the Board is ending, and who has served as President for less than two (2) years to continue for one more year as President, the Board may, by majority vote, decide to extend that person’s term for one more year. In that case, the size of the Board would be increased by one for that year, affecting the quorum and voting requirements, respectively, for that year.

Marina Refurbishment Project:   The permit application, officially submitted in August 2017 by Applied Technology & Management (ATM), has now been Noticed by the USACE and SCOCRM/SCDHEC for public comment with final deadline on January 13, 2017.  We now wait for their review and response.  Permitting is usually a slow process.  With the numbers of Irma repairs also in line for repair permits, we can anticipate a lengthy time before response.  We have filed for permits well in advance of our expected project start time.  We hope to be able to use our existing marina docks and walkways for at least another year or two.

David Dew and Catherine Kovacs and I began talking today about plans for the 2018 POA Annual meeting.  As always, we anticipate an interesting and informative meeting combined with a delightful weekend enjoying getting acquainted with new owners and visiting with old friends that we haven’t seen in a while.  Our Friday evening gathering will feature original artwork from a variety of talented artists of the wading birds and shore birds that will benefit from the Lake Timicau Project. 

Save the date on your calendars for March 23 & 24.  Make plans now to attend.  Begin looking for more information and all the details to follow for that very special, upcoming weekend.

May the rest of winter treat us kindly.  Hope to see you on island soon.

Fondest regards,

Anne Anderson, President

Dewees Island Property Owners Association