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Dewees From Within IX

July 6th – Dewees From Within IX

Sunday from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm – Huyler House

All Invited To Attend the Party! Come as you are! Beach attire & bare feet accepted!

All Invited to Display your Talents!

For questions about participating,      Contact:

Jane Savage  –  843-886-6346                                            Jane Pasquini  704-517-7545

jmcgsavage@gmail.com                                                      jjpasquini@aol.com

Dewees From Within is an Annual Exhibit displaying artwork created by our extended Families.  It is an opportunity to share your special talent.  You may choose to exhibit items FOR SALE or DISPLAY ONLY.   All forms of visual art welcome:  painting, sculpture, collage, pottery, metal work, jewelry, wood working, knitting, hand work of all kinds, photography, prose.   Your creative imagination set free!

For all ages, beginning efforts to professional masterpiece. In addition to the displays FOR SALE or EXHIBIT ONLY, a Silent Auction will be held to benefit the Dewees Arts Council’s Permanent Collection!  We so enjoyed the fun and challenge of bidding for donated items in past years, let’s play again!  The high bid wins the treasured gift; the Arts Council is recipient of the purchase price. Contributions greatly appreciated!

The success of the exhibit depends on your participation!  A fun event! A time to share something that was made by your family generations ago, something recently crafted, something designed just for this special occasion. Deadline for submitting:  Wednesday, July 3rd

You may leave items, clearly marked by artist name, contact information, title, description, For Sale (and price), For Display Only, in the Library in the Huyler House anytime after June 29th.  Or contact Jane or Jane to make arrangements for delivery.