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Please Allow the Island Time to Dry Out for Road Repairs

Dear Owners,

The consistent rain storms since last Friday have brought a significant amount of water to the island. We are very much aware roads and driveways are saturated and washed out in many areas. Until we have a few consecutive rainless days for the roads to dry out, we are unfortunately unable to begin road repairs.

We know it is the natural tendency of most owners to drive into the grass to get around puddles and washouts.  Since the ground is so wet, this actually causes more damagePlease assist us by just simply slowing down and driving through the puddles instead of driving in grass areas. 

Many owners have also contacted us for material delivery this week to begin repairing individual driveways. Similar to the roads, it is strongly recommended owners hold off a few days until driveways have had some time to dry out before having material delivered. Installing shell sand or plantation mix prematurely will cause the material to wash away before it has time to settle and inevitably turn puddles into a muddy mess. Furthermore, running heavy equipment over saturated roads can be detrimental to the roads and our fragile utility lines.

Again, we understand owners are eager to have their driveways and our roads immediately restored, but we kindly ask for your patience and allow the island to have a few days for the island to dry out. Once dry, we recommend calling your local contractor to assess individual driveways and assist with repairs.

We thank you again for your understanding and cooperation.