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It’s a Music Weekend

It’s a music weekend!

Please join hosts Ron and Shelley Cooper for an acoustic set of Maddy Walsh and the Blind Spots on Sunday, February 16th at 6:30pm at the Huyler House.  Maddy and her husband, Mike are dear friends of ours from Ithaca, NY.  They are in the process of their 2020 winter southern tour.  The band plays a wide range of original music for all ages.  Ron and Shelley will be providing dinner and wine! 
This will be a lovely night to remember.  Maddy and the band always delight in their creative artistry.  Please RSVP to Shelley.
Here is a clip of their music:
A clip of Maddy and her father Ted…..see where she gets the talent from!

Announcement from the Dewees Island Conservancy

We are pleased to welcome Bill Duncan, Monica Graff, Cori McIntyre, and Carey Sullivan (Vice-president) as Board members. They will serve with Brett Barker (President), Jim Decker, Judy Fairchild, Mitney Henshaw, Jane Pasquini (Secretary), and Alicia Reilly (Treasurer).  Thanks go to Rebecca Eggers as she rotates off of the Board.

It has been an honor to serve the Conservancy for the past six years!

Lesa Kastler