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Opportunity For Group Rate With Liberty Fire Protection Expires Soon – Sign Up Today!

Dear Homeowners:

By now, all homeowners should have received individual sprinkler inspection and backflow reports from Liberty Fire Protection, Inc. Liberty was directed to inspect according to the rules laid out in our ARB guidelines, which are found below. Estimates for corresponding repairs are being distributed on an individual basis.

In an effort to lower the costs for homeowners, Liberty is willing to offer a discounted group rate on individual repairs. The amount of the discount will depend on the number of participants who sign up for repairs (the more homeowners who sign up for repairs, the greater the discount). This will allow Liberty to allot a couple of consecutive days to come to the island to address all repairs, which will cut back on labor hours, travel time, etc., ultimately lowering costs.

If you would like to be included in the group rate and sign up for repairs, please contact Liberty at 843.552.1301 no later than January 15, 2017. Once Liberty has the total count for those participating, they will provide you with a new estimate for your repairs at the discounted rate. If you do not sign up by January 15, individual rates and estimates will resume. The option for a discounted rate will expire after January 15, 2017, so be sure to call and sign up today!

Thank you!


Dewees Island Utility Co.