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Notes from 2017 Annual Meeting

Dear Community,

Those of you who were fortunate to attend the 2017 Annual Meeting enjoyed the community of Dewees at its best. Beautiful weather added to the weekend with Friday tours given by Lori of Lake Timacau or visits Behind the Scene at the Utility and the Fire Department. The opening Reception was an exceptionally energized Friday evening celebrating our 25th Year. Prosecco toasts and a string duet lent a festive bent to the evening

Barbara McIntyre took the lead to fill the walls in the Huyler House with the history of Dewees in pictures. Sorting through boxes and scrapbooks of early pictures and documents, memories and discoveries were shared. The exhibit is still hanging on the walls of the Huyler House. Even if you have seen it once, take another look. You will find something or someone that went unnoticed the first time. A fascinating ‘before and after’ look at the barren landscape immediately after Hugo is compared to the growth 10 years later from the same spot. Amazing to see. Thank you Barbara for this refresher for some of us long-timers and for those more recently come to Dewees, the stories that have built our island.

In celebration of the most current of our 25 Years, owners were given, one per household, an updated 2017 Owners’ Guide. It, too, is filled with pictures of our families and events that tell the story of this past year. The purpose is educational. In the Guide you will find answers to many questions that arise in daily life on island. A single resource, complied from the documents and policies of rules and regulations that provide the structure of the island. Written as a labor of love, we are indebted to Judy Fairchild for the hours she gave to this volunteer effort.

The Annual POA Business Meeting began with the Dewees Players, aka POA Board Members, presenting Rhythms of Dewees, a pop up reading of an original, poetic history of Dewees Island—in 15 minutes. It is a priceless gift from Carroll Savage to the Island. We will find an appropriate way to make it available to all.

If you have ever heard Bill Easterlin give a Treasurer’s Report, you know that our Business Meeting was anything but dull! Bill presents factual, straightforward financial information poured from a bottle, leaving us with the knowledge that the island is sound. Dave’s President’s address, Kim’s review of the year and our Key Note Speaker’s discussion of our road system reinforced our confidence in the future.

The meeting ended with a warm tribute to Dave McIntyre by Bill Easterlin for the many years and various jobs he has held in service to the Island. His skills have lead Dewees through economic downturn and brought us to stability. A most capable and respected leader, Dave and Barbara have been totally committed to the success of Dewees. Deservedly, a round of applause was generously offered.

Dave, in turn, thanked Kim for his years of managing the island. Even though Kim’s retirement is not until the end of the year, this was his last Annual Meeting. As sailing away from worries and pressure is Kim and Lois’ future, Dave presented to Kim, on behalf of the community, a ship’s bell to signal the watch from their own boat.

As the meeting adjourned, we spilled out into the yard to enjoy the traditional Oyster Roast and Low Country BBQ feast. Thanks to the staff who worked diligently behind the scenes to create a perfect Celebration.

See you around the island!