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Newly Hatched Shorebirds & Huyler House Walk

Our nesting Wilson’s Plovers have been successful and the young are on the move! 
When new hatchlings emerge from the eggs they cannot fly for around 21 days;  therefore they hide from predators near driftwood, plants and under wrack.

Here’s how you can help protect the newly hatched shorebirds:

– Be extra cautious near posted bird nesting areas (the chicks are running on the ground and therefore may not stay in posted areas). 
– Have all dogs short leashed when utilizing Huyler House Walk and ensure all humans and dogs in your group are walking as quickly to the beach as possible. 
– Consider using another beach access path for the next several weeks if you are able.   
The best place to access the beach with your dog is Osprey or Ancient Dunes Walk at low tide. 

For more information on this threatened shorebird please visit SC DNR http://dnr.sc.gov/wildlife/species/coastalbirds/shorebirds/WilsonsPlover.html