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New Storage Amenities Available Under Huyler House for Lot Owners

Dear Owners,

We’re excited about a newly created storage space under the Huyler House for lot owners to enjoy. With the creativity, savviness, and help of Nathan Duff, Jimmy Small, and Bill Duncan, we were able to build three wooden lockers for storage. The concept was designed to have a designated area on the island where you can safely store a few items rather than transporting your day trip belongings each time you visit the island.

Lockers are located under the Huyler House suites towards the left-hand side and are available to use on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact Catherine if you would like to reserve a locker. 

We also have community beach chairs and two community bicycles for lot owners and guests of the suites to enjoy during their overnight stay on the island. We hope you will enjoy!