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Nesting Beach Update

Wilson’s Plovers have returned to nest on Dewees.  Nesting areas are being posted over the next few weeks.  Please be mindful when walking between Dewees Inlet and Huyler House Walk and between the breach and the power lines.  Wilson’s Plovers nest on the dry sand above the high tide line.  They may fake a wing injury when you are too close to their nest, but this does not always happen.  The last 2 nests I have encountered I was within 3 feet of the nest with the parent bird appearing to calmly watch me and not displaying a broken wing.  When walking dogs on the beach please keep them below the high tide line; birds do not always nest in the posted areas or behind the signs.

Sea Turtle nesting season is almost here!  Due to social distancing requirements as well as protocols from SC DNR (the agency who permits nest protection on SC beaches) morning nest patrol must be solo this season as well as any caging or relocation efforts until further notice (unless you are from the same household).  We will keep you posted of any protocol changes as we receive notice.  We will not be permitted to conduct community nest inventories this summer; however, we will be posting them via live stream for all to watch from the comfort of your home. 

While walking the beach please send a text to Lori if you encounter a dead or injured animal, a beach nesting bird or large tracks which lead from the ocean toward the dunes.  Trash or beach debris containers are located at Ancient Dunes and Huyler House walk if you need to dispose of items collected during your walk.  Thank you to everyone for you help in passing along information and keeping our beaches clean.