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Monarch Butterfly Tagging Project

Monarch butterfly populations are decreasing, with record low winter counts for Mexico in 2014. Many of the monarchs migrate from Mexico to the upper Midwest and southern Canada during the summer and then back to Mexico in the fall. But on the East coast, things are different. Monarchs migrating along the East coast in fall typically do not go to Mexico. Some over-winter along the immediate coast of South Carolina. Scientists want to find out more about this winter range along the Lowcountry coast.

Dewees Island has been asked to participate in a wintering monarch tagging research project through the SC DNR & US F&WS. Participation includes catching and tagging Monarch butterflies from November 16 through April 15. Data from the project will help scientists learn more about Monarchs in coastal South Carolina.  If you encounter a Monarch with a white tag, as shown in the photo below, please record the 6 digit identification code and text the information to Lori @ 843-568-3994 or send to lori@deweesislandpoa.org

monarch tag